Greenchem Adblue 10Ltr

£9.45 (ex VAT)


Greenchem Adblue is especially designed additive, developed for diesel engines with a SCR system. The main ingredient in Adblue is Urea & Water which is injected directly into the exhaust gas to reduce harmful NOx emissions and meet the Euro5 and Euro6 standards.

    • Important Information:


  • DONT buy AdBlue from non-registered VDA suppliers.
  • DONT use AdBlue as a diesel additive.
  • DONT add AdBlue in any fuel tank.
  • DONT operate without AdBlue
  • DONT use fuel or lubricants or any non-dedicated equipment for your AdBlue
  • DONT refill used AdBlue containers without certified cleaning (a.o: IBC, drums).
  • DONT store AdBlue in direct sunlight.