Face Fit Service

Face Fit Service and Competitive RPE Selection. Aspire will action Face Fits on your site of work.

Make sure your masks are up to the job, book a face fitting session with Aspire.

We can assist with weekly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly and annual checks. You can reduce downtime with visit from our on-site Face Fit Van. Refitting after significant weight or gain and after dental work will make sure you meet HSE standards.

More About Face Fitting

Can I book Saturdays & Bank Holidays

Yes, however this is subject to agreement and extra costs may apply. Please contact us by telephone or email to enquire.

What happens if I do not have a mask?

You can purchase these through the website at time of booking.

What RPE does not require face fitting?

Loose fitting RPE such as hoods.

Do you have to be clean shaven when wearing RPE?

Yes, any individual wearing tight fitting RPE must be clean shaven in the area of the seal and the face. Tight fitting means any RPE face piece / mask which relies on a seal being created between the wearer’s skin and the mask itself.

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Aspire Industrial Services are a supply and branding company based in Hillington, Glasgow.

Aspire provide industry workwear, PPE and RPE throughout the UK and benefit from their own in house branding hub, testing facilities and engineer services lead by a highly skilled team of experts.

About Aspire

What Our Customers Say

The Clyde Munro Dental Group first engaged with the team at Aspire last year as dental practices were remobilising after the lockdown.  Since then they have carried our numerous face fitting days for us, often going above and beyond.  Their support has been fantastic with positive feedback from both dentists and staff.

Kirsty Dace
Chief Development Officer – Clyde Munro

I am responsible for organising training for close to 100 employees, Aspire have went above and beyond to fulfil our facefit needs, They have been open and honest about their availability as they serve the health care sector. Despite the huge increase in demand for their services they have not forgotten their construction industry clients.

Tony Donnelly
Compliance Manager – Enviraz Scotland Ltd