Training at Aspire

We specialise in offering Abrasive Wheel Training, Asbestos Training and Mask Inspection.

Abrasive Wheel Training

Aspire Industrial Services’ range of specialised training covers: operating instructions, examination, handling, transport, use, and storage of all grinding equipment. Hazards and precautions are fully addressed along with HSE requirements. Aspire keeps your team compliant and safe at work, so you have a protected crew and a job well done.

Asbestos Training

Aspire Industrial Services offers customised asbestos training to keep you and your teams safe, no matter what level you’re working at:

  • CAT A – full asbestos operative
  • CAT B – non-notifiable work
  • CAT C – asbestos awareness.

Mask Testing

Make sure your masks are up to the job. We can assist with weekly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly and annual checks. You can reduce downtime with a visit from our on-site Face Fit Van. Refitting after significant weight loss or gain and after dental work will make sure you meet HSE standards.

Contact Aspire Industrial Services to find out more and access the right level of training for you.