Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

Company Policy

It is the policy of Aspire Industrial Services Ltd to take all reasonable action to ensure that employees do not report for duty while unfit due to the effects of alcohol, drugs or any other behaviour and performance altering substance and to ensure that they do not consume them while at work.

We acknowledge that our role, as part of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, is to ensure health, safety and welfare of our employees, this includes the effect that alcohol and drugs may have on our workforce. We also recognise that as part of the said act, our employees must play an active role in taking reasonable care of themselves and the others who may be affected by their actions.


Under the employment of Aspire, no employee shall:

  • Report to work having just consumed alcohol, drugs or any other performance altering substances.
  • Report to work whilst unfit, due to a previous consumption of alcohol or performance altering substances
  • Be found in possession of any prohibited substances within the workplace.
  • Consume any prohibited substances whilst at work.
  • Sell, trade, encourage or permit others to use prohibited substances whist at work
  • Fail to inform their supervisor of any medication they may be taking that may perhaps have an adverse effect on their performance


Aspire will employ the services of an accredited laboratory to conduct a testing program that will be used to detect the use of significant drug or alcohol use. This may be conducted unannounced, with employees selected randomly or in the eventuality of an incident occurring where there are grounds to suspect that alcohol or drug abuse played a significant part in the events leading to the incident.


Anyone who is suspected of being impaired due to alcohol or substance abuse will be immediately be removed from the workplace, pending investigation.

If the company feel that a satisfactory case exists in connection with the individual’s use of prohibited substances, they will be subject to full disciplinary procedures, which may lead to a termination of employment. This policy is not aimed singularly at Aspire staff, but will extend to temporary employees, visitors and suppliers who may be present on site.

Group Support

It is company policy that any requests for help regarding the use of; drugs, alcohol abuse or misuse of any other prohibited substances will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and sympathy by the Company. Every effort will be made to ensure the individual in question receives treatment and subsequent rehabilitation time (as dictated by directors). Any employees wishing to make a request for assistance must do so at their earliest convenience. Members of staff must be aware that a request of this nature will not be accepted subsequent to, or immediately prior to a testing regime for prohibited substances.


This policy will be brought to the attention of all employees and will be made available to the public on request.

Aspire will review and monitor the effect of this policy on a yearly basis. Upon each successive review, the company reserve the right to amend its drug and alcohol policy